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Your Perfect Customer – How to Create a Target Market Profile

Introduction From our Coffee Break University's Target Marketing Report: A primary goal of market research is to create a profile of your perfect customer. Here are some key dimensions: Demographic Information Data about your customer including age, gender, location,...

Keeping Track of Your Changing Market

Introduction People's tastes change and you need to keep researching your market. Conduct Regular Market Research Make market research a regular part of your business's operations. Improve Your Offerings Use the data you gather to improve your products and services....

Fly on the Wall – Where to Go Online to Listen to Your Market

Introduction The Internet offers lots of great places to go and listen to your target market give their opinions and share their interests. Forums and Q&A Sites Forums and question-and-answer sites show you what topics are hot and what people are saying about...

How to Use Email to Better Understand Your Market

Introduction Email is a cheap, easy and fast way to find out more about your target market. Email Makes It Easy Email surveys are extremely easy for both you and your respondents. Opinion Surveys by Email Opinion surveys require a little more from your respondents but...

Learn about Your Market through Your Blog

Tips from CBU's Target Marketing Report. You can find out all kinds of information about your target market through your blog. Ask a Question End your blog posts with a question and encourage your readers to give their two cents. Always Answer Comments Reply to all...

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