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Recent Articles for Launching, Branding & Growing:

The Top 5 Methods of Online Market Research

Introduction   There are 5 great ways to research your market online aside from basic keyword research. Online Surveys Online surveys allow you to ask your market questions anonymously and much of the process can be automated. Blog Questions You can ask questions on...

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The Essentials of Market Research

Introduction Market research helps you create a profile of your perfect customer so that you can formulate your business strategies with precision. Quantitative vs. Qualitative Data Quantitative data looks at the big picture and yields statistical results that show...

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More Articles for Launching, Branding & Growing

Looking for Ways to Shine? 3 Simple Freelance Resume Tips

What Potential Clients are Looking for in a Freelance Resume Looking to attract new clients with a freshly polished resume? Good for you – show ’em what you got. Just remember, it’s the little things that matter most when it comes to making that all important first...

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Knowing What You Don’t Know

There’s a saying in business that we’ve all heard before concerning a time-tested axiom that’s been true for decades: “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” – Everybody At some point in just about everybody’s career, the difference between coasting through your...

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Selecting The Right Life Coach Certification Program

If you are considering certification as a professional life coach, it is very important that you select a program backed by a professional coach association that can establish credibility for your practice. Your life coach certificate is essential for attracting and...

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How To Find New Coaching Referrals

Are you a life or business coach needing to find more business? Then you will enjoy reading our following three tips that offer insights and basic approaches for your own journey! 1) Join The Professional Coach Association This tip is pretty straight forward: sign up...

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Start Getting Noticed by Creating an Informational Product

When you are a promoting a high end professional service to a relatively untapped target market, one of the biggest challenges that you face as the new kid on the block is proving the value of your service to your audience. While your long term goal for success is to...

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Using Social Media to Promote Your Business

Social media is an incredible tool, and businesses of all types can benefit by using social media promotion. When people hear that, they often think that simply opening up a Facebook or Twitter account will get the job done. Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple....

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Avoiding the Social Media Marketing Time Suck

The results are in. As an increasing number of professional services practices examine their social media conversion rates, they’re finding that this form of practice marketing delivers where it matters most and creates new business opportunities. They’re also finding...

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