Step 4: Your Identity System

The last step of designing the basics of your brand is identifying and creating the different types of images and documentation that you are going to need in order to communicate your brand message effectively.

Determine What You'll Need to Represent Your Brand

The ‘identity system’ for your brand is the image you’re conveying to your customers.

Mostly, it entails the visual design elements that you use consistently in all of your marketing to convey your brand message.

The logo is one of them and arguably the most important, but there are others to consider as well.

Common Visual Elements to Consider for Your Brand

These visual elements are used in:

  • Marketing materials including books, pamphlets, flyers, websites, etc.
  • Products and packaging
  • Signs
  • Communications such as email newsletters
  • Clothing worn by employees, if applicable
  • Stationery or any other office supplies you use

In other words, these visual elements should be included in everything your company does wherever possible.

You may also include audio, such as a jingle or a tone like the Windows startup sound, a smell, touch or anything else that can communicate your brand.

Keeping Your Imagery Consistent

Test each of these visual elements against your unique proposition and the promise your brand makes to your customers.

Ask yourself whether they convey the message you want people to get when they encounter them. Your intuition can tell you if something is off, but it’s also good to ask colleagues and test your market.

Again, you can get ideas from your competitors or brands you know and use.

The same basic guidelines apply to all of your branding design elements. Keep them simple and relevant. Make sure they communicate immediately with your market.

Action Steps

  1. With the worksheet, list the different elements that make up your marketing to convey your brand message. 
  2. Compare them to the specifics outlined in your UVP. Check whether or not your marketing really adheres to your identity system.

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