Module 5: Offline Brand Management

Offline brand management is just as important as online brand management, but we often let it fall by the wayside in this age of technology overload, assuming that what’s online is what counts most.

However, this is a big mistake. Offline brand management should be just as high a priority.

Maintaining Scent with Consistent Design

Design features are important for conveying your brand message whether online or off.

Choose colors, shapes, sizes, fonts and placements that are consistent with your brand image. Manage these design features carefully.

For example, don’t let a vender just grab your logo off the site and do with it what he or she pleases. It may appear differently than you want it to. Control every aspect and provide the materials vendors and others need so that you can maintain this control.

Your Team is the Face of Your Brand

Your employees themselves are components of your brand. Make sure they understand the brand and their place in its story well.

They’ll be the face of your brand when you come into contact with customers both online and off, but especially on the front lines in the real world.

You may choose one employee or the CEO his or herself to be a sort of representative of the company.

Deliver Top Notch Service

Good customer service and attention is all too often lacking today.

If you go a step beyond the competition and bend over backwards for your customers, it will wow them and prompt them to tell others about you. This is a great way to establish your brand through word of mouth.

Develop Offline Brand Ambassadors

Identify those who are your biggest supporters. These are influencers who are well-connected and like to talk about your brand and advocate for it to others.

Cultivate a good relationship with these people because they’re helping to spread your brand without any work on your part.

Take Your Brand Out into the World

Make it a habit of attending live events, trade shows and other opportunities to actually meet customers face to face.

The more you do this, the more it will build your brand. This isn’t a difficult thing to do, but many brands, and especially those whose main presence is online, fail to do it.

Action Steps

  1. After really getting to know all of your employees, think about choosing one to represent your brand.
  2. Identify live events or trade shows where you can gain visibility for your brand. Schedule attendance for you and/or your representative at these events. Be prepared with branded marketing materials to hand out.

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