In an ocean full of online marketers, how do you expect to make sales and generate leads if you look the same as everyone else? Almost every online marketer is doing the same things nowadays and, surprise, they’re achieving the same results. It’s time to differentiate yourself and stick out.

Here are three tips for building your personal brand online.

1. Create lots of videos.

Video helps you establish rapport faster. Also, it shows people that you’re a real person, not some invisible marketer out to get their dollars. By doing tons of videos of yourself, you’ll get people to remember your voice and face. A tactic that people often use in their videos is to introduce themselves by saying “Hey, I’m [name] from [site]” or “Hey, I’m [name], the [cool nickname or title]”. So every time people think of you, they’ll think of your site, your nickname, or even your product.

2. Interact with your followers and prospects.

You can get yourself a pretty good reputation if your email newsletter is decent or if your product rocks. However, you can make yourself look even better by talking to your customers, subscribers, and prospects on a video or, better yet a free, interactive training webinar. People love it when experts take time out of their busy schedules to just talk with average people like themselves or to answer their questions. By giving people your personal attention, you’ll have customers for life. As a bonus, you’ll get talked about and that is the most powerful advertising you can get.

3. Have excellent customer service.

Customer service doesn’t only apply to those who have their own products. It also applies to anybody who has an email list or blog readers for example. To make things simpler, let’s say that you do have a product or service that you’re selling. If you sell a hundred copies and all one hundred customers are satisfied with your product, then you’re good. However, if even one of them has a problem with you or your product, then you better take care of that customer. You’ll be surprised at how frustrating customers can be – they’ll file PayPal disputes, they’ll try and get charges reversed on their credit cards, they’ll go on forums and flame you, and they’ll email you incessantly demanding money back or free stuff. It takes skill to deal with such customers. Luckily, there aren’t too many of these people out there. In the end, if you have bad customer service, people will tell others about it. If you have good customer service, you won’t have any problems, but nobody will find it remarkable. However, if you have excellent customer service, you’ll make a lot of people very happy and those people will spread the word that you’re a respectable and trusted marketer.

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